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RCA Plug

RCA Plug

A coaxial plug which is most commonly used for audio and video connections but occasionally used as a power supply output plug for TV antenna power injectors and similar applications. This plug is widely known as an RCA plug because it was originally used by RCA to connect their amplifiers to phonograph tone-arms. In fact, the RCA plug was originally called the Phonograph Plug (abbreviated to Phono Plug) but these days is seldom referred to as such, to avoid confusion with non-coaxial Phono plugs. The coaxial configuration is always wired with a positive centre pin and the shield (outer connection) is used as the negative or ground.

RCA Plug
(A) (B) REF-OUTPUTPLUGS-refrca.gif
8.25 3.70

Output Plug Types

These datasheets provide an overview of different types of plugs used for low voltage power supply connections and/or audio/video applications and/or telephony and data connections.

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